An Open Letter to all those self proclaimed ‘Normal People’ out there

Hello Mister/Miss Normal

Hope you’re doing well. Yet, I doubt you’re doing any better than I do.

As you know, we all have our turns at the limelight once in a while. And for the rest, we do what we do best – pull each other down because we fear authenticity both in ourselves and others. 

We crave for order, control and systematic execution of life. I understand, we humans are social beings and our society is built on a system of roles, expectations, stereotypes, prejudices and discrimination, all with good intentions – to survive and thrive together as a human race.

When we come across a way of life (ideas, behavior, gender, beliefs, skills, thoughts, race, and aspirations to name a few) that doesn’t make sense to us or is not what we’re familiar with or follow as a majority, we tend to collectively condemn it. I understand, we chastise deviance, unpredictability, or difference only because we want to preserve our species in the long run.

We as a society mean well, yet how can we progress or evolve into a better individual or species of impeccable manners who lead a fulfilling and purposeful life, if we continue to belittle, reprimand or suppress anyone who dares to be their authentic self?

Think about it. Besides, there’s a lot to be said and done and we’ll dig deeper into those matters in our future correspondence.


A Wayward (Child, Adolescent and Adult)


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72 thoughts on “An Open Letter to all those self proclaimed ‘Normal People’ out there

  1. In my experience so far, “normal people” don’t exist. Dig a little and you’ll find out all the peculiarities they hide behind their cloaks of respectibility. It’s easier for the society to pretend to be normal than changing the notion of normality.

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    1. Of course, there are no normal people because we’re still not equipped with the tool to measure normality. However, in certain situations, people tend to view themselves as normal as opposed to someone who is abnormal in the eyes of society.

      Thanks for taking time to read and share your thoughts!

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  2. I love how honest and thought provoking this post is. It’s very easy to disregard or even belittle things we don’t understand. I believe being curious can bridge the divide between most conflicts. Simply wanting to understand rather than mistrusting is so much more rewarding. Thank you for the inspiring post.

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  3. Only a crazy person considers themselves 100% normal. That being said, I think this is an ambiguous theme that has a lot of slippery and downright deadly steps. No one can truly define normal. Majority has a tendency to pick the “trend” and go along with it condemning everything remotely original in the process…but there’s a lot of “abnormal” that society condemns for good reasons…Think about it, I’m sure there’s something you find unpleasantly weird as well…so, yeah, as I said – ambiguity, and more often than not, hypocrisy.

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    1. I do agree with you! We don’t have tools to measure or words to define normal. Besides, the society is built on the foundation of what the majority decides. In some cases it’s necessary but more often than not it hurts individual expressions. We’re forced to hide ourselves behind a mask.

      Since, I belong to the ‘abnormal’ category more than I would like to admit, I wouldn’t dare condemn an individual for being themselves (without intentionally hurting anyone in the process).

      Thanks for taking time to read and share your views!

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  4. Yes, as a mom of an aspie I can definitely relate . . plus I’m me . . all.the.time. not who anyone thinks I should be . . for those pretending to be normal and have perfect lives I am stressful. . . but my life is happy regardless

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  5. Dope post! Keeps you thinking honestly. Like really, what’s is normal? I know I am far far from that and that’s what makes me who I am as an individual and trust me when I say I am happy with it. Why be normal when you can be that over loving,, goofy,, sing to herself in the mirror ,,, jump off cliffs into a beautiful ocean,, speaks her truth no matter who approves ,,, and love whole heartedly… and makes silly faces from across the room. Yeah far from normal. But I love this post and love how you attract your readers with topics that creates discussion.
    Thanks for sharing with me and I look forward to more of your work 😉

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  6. Nahti, is there a such thing as normal people? Aren’t we all quite unique unless we for some reason
    have handed ourselves over to a ‘group’ and act with herd instinct.
    We should be mindful of ourselves and our well being, one could call that compassion. There are
    love situations when the love for children or helpless override this and that is also natural.
    Or the total love for your special partner in life. These also of course have an element of self love
    as their happiness also is yours.

    What we hope will be condemned more and more in our society is exclusion or bullying of
    those who are different. Any form of different. To have compassion across the board.


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    1. Miriam, thanks for taking time to share your thoughts! Yes there’s no such thing as normal people. However, when we as individuals or group view someone else as abnormal, that’s when it gets trickier.

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  7. I like your take on this issue of normalcy. A LOT of the comments like to point out they don’t consider themselves normal. But to a certain next what is normal and what is not has been taught to us and people will give different amounts of acceptance to those deemed safe, familiar or “normal.” That what I got out of your post and enjoyed it! Keep up the good work!

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  8. Thanks Mr/Mrs   for accepting and following my blog.
    I’m available to read your post at my convenient time.
    You have such an interesting topic I will love to read in
    your blog.
    I still remain  the simple blogger…..
    Peace ✌and Love ❤

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  9. Thanks for the letter to Normal people – hope they read it and let the rest of us – abnormal ones – try in our own little ways to move forward. 🙂 for ourselves, our society, our country and our beautiful planet Earth. I loved your writing!!! thank you! 🙂

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